The 5 best dog toys for adult dogs and puppies

A beige dog wearing a blue jumper and rainbow lead, in front of a cute green door, reaching for a durable bone shaped orange toy.
Orange Bonio Toy

What are the best dog toys? This is a common question that dog lovers will ask themselves, including when they get a new puppy. Most dog owners want to provide their fluffy companion animal with good quality, fun toys that are safe and that they will enjoy to play with. However the answer to the question is really… it depends!

In our experience, give a dog that enjoys fun and playing any high quality toy and he is likely to be pleased with it. But some toys will have the edge on others for particular dogs, depending on their likes and preferences. Below we run through 5 of the best dog toys for your dog… let us know which one you think your precious pooch would love best!

1. Best Dog Toys: Burrow Toys

Image showing one of the best dog toys, a watering can and flowers burrow toy, with a yellow, red and white squeaky flower against a white background
Watering Can Burrow Toy

Burrow Toys really are a great all rounder for most dogs. They’re suitable for all ages: Burrow toys are suitable for puppies and adult dogs alike. They can help with teething in puppies and provide mental stimulation for older dogs.

In particular, these might be the best dog toys for your pooch if they are very intelligent or have a lot of energy, as they provide enrichment and mental stimulation as the dog has to use its brain to work out how to remove the small squeaky toys from the bigger toy. Additional satisfaction can be gained from adding either some treats or your dog’s daily kibble inside the burrow toy, engaging their sense of scent as well.

For the best dog toys of the burrow variety, check out Bew Dogs’ brand new Watering can and squeaky flowers Burrow Toy. Now your dog can experience all the enrichment joy of gardening without getting their paws dirty!

2. Best Dog Toys for: durability

An Orange Bonio Toy, orange dog jumper and rope lead against a white background.
Orange Bonio Toy

Some dogs are strong and love to chew their toys, or play games such a tug which puts more pressure on a toy. If your dog is one to chew their way through their toys, you definitely want to select a good quality durable toy with hard wearing materials, which will withstand rough play. Bew Dogs’ orange bonio and orange hex toys are likely to be the best dog toys for you and your dog.

These toys have a textured surface, to help stimulate your dog’s sense of touch. Toys with different textures can be appealing to dogs and may help with dental health by cleaning their teeth and massaging their gums. As well as being long lasting, the durable bonio and hex toys from Bew Dogs are easy to wipe clean.

3. Best Dog Toys: Balls

A plastic tube containing three orange tennis balls, with an opened ring pull
Dog Balls

Ok… we know that if one of our dogs – Clementine – could speak, there would definitely be something she’d want to tell us: “Ball is life”. If your dog is ball obsessed as well then these quality, branded Bew Dogs tennis balls in our signature peach colour will surely be one of the best dog toys for your furry friend. Made with non-toxic materials, these puppy pleasers are suitable for supervised fetch, catch and throw games with your dog. 

Balls are a great way for humans to engage in play time with our dogs, and also to teach our pets helpful new commands, such as ‘fetch’, ‘drop’ and ‘leave’, encouraging bonding between dog and owner.

Bew Dogs tube of orange tennis balls are now on sale for just £5 a pack! So if this is the best dog toy for you, be sure to grab a tube before they go.

4. Best Dog Toys for: multi-purpose

An Orange duck dog Toy against a white background
Orange Ducky Toy

Your own Bew dog will love this 3-in-1 flying ducky toy, in a bright colour that will grab their attention – he is the ultimate blend of playfulness and durability for your furry friend! If you dog doesn’t fit any of the other descriptions because he loves a variety of different kinds of play, then this multipurpose ducky may be one of the best dog toys for you. The ducky will fly for games of fetch, has a rope tail for tugging and is multi-textured for chewing. Bew Dogs toys are strong and fun and will provide hours of play time and entertainment for you and your dog.

Designed to bring endless joy to dogs of all sizes, our  Duck Toy is not just a toy – it’s a companion that promises tail-wagging adventures. Crafted with love and made from pet-safe materials, this toy is perfect for interactive play, fetch, and cuddle sessions. Whether your furry companion loves a game of tug-of-war, a friendly squeak-filled romp, or simply a companion for snuggling, our Duck Toy will soon be their favourite.

5. Best Dog Toys: soft plushies

a brown large fluffy dog, with a white stripe of hair on his forehead, laying on a bed with white sheets and a soft plushie dog toy shaped like an avocado.
Avocado plushie toy

Plushie toys are often lifelike and allow our dogs to play with items that replicate human treats, for example our pumpkin pie dog toy and avocado dog toy. Plushie toys are soft and cuddly, reminiscent of the texture of a mother dog or a littermate. Dogs, like humans, can find comfort and security in these.

Plushie toys are also generally gentle on a dog’s mouth and teeth, reducing the risk of dental injury during play. These are some of the best dog toys which are versatile and can be used for various types of play, such as tug-of-war, fetch, and cuddling. This versatility allows for interactive play between dogs and their human companions.

Plush toys come in various shapes, sizes, and characters, making them visually interesting to dogs. The playful appearance of these toys can capture a dog’s attention and stimulate their curiosity. Bew Dogs plushie toys contain squeakers for additional fun!

Check out the full Bew Dogs range of toys on our website today. Does your dog have a current favourite or are you planning to try something new to introduce more fun and playtime with your dog? Comment on this post to let us know!

Find out more about the benefits of toys for dogs, and how to take care of dog toys from this RSPCA article.

Reminder – SAFETY FIRST: it’s crucial to always supervise your dog during play with any type of dog toys to ensure they do not ingest any small parts or stuffing, which can be a choking hazard. Regularly inspect your dogs toys for signs of wear and replace them if they become damaged to maintain your dog’s safety.

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  1. My dogs love the orange ducky toy – the wings in particular seem to give a satisfying chew! Very durable and one of their favourites!

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